Wednesday, May 19, 2010

life drawing & painting post

I've never been to an art school, but I'm gonna upload some stuff I did in drawing studios during the past years.

We had to paint a still life in Franz Marc-style

still life

free imagination (ok, that's not a life drawing, but I like it anyways)

45min-1hour life drawing

plaster heads

A Franz Hals-copy


John Patrick Deza said...


awesome drawings and paintings, love to see more.

Okha said...


It's so nice to read a compliment from such a great artist. Thank you! I'll try to upload more of this kind of drawings in the future, not just anime style.

btw: should I write to you in English or in German?

killswitcher said...

ого очень прекольно выходит. это ты на курсах рисуешь так? :)

Okha said...

На самом деле тут только набросок и копия с этих курсов. Все остальное столетней давности)

John Patrick Deza said...

oh du kannst deutsch? und ich dachte schon ich müsse kyrillisch schreiben :D
jau geile sachen - auf jedenfall!

Anonymous said...

echt wahnsinn kopf studien!