Sunday, August 22, 2010


My work takes too much time. All I can do at the moment are quick sketches and very rough speedpaints

Unfinished Xena

Cammy & Chun-Li



Kat R said...

Oh man..that...that last one is the most amazing expression I've ever seen. Hahah.

I hope you get some more art time soon^^

Okha said...

@Kat R I was feeling very angry before I've started to draw this picture. But when I've finished it, I couldn't stop laughing. XD

c0ffeeartc said...

awesome staring blockheads ! [8D]

Parya said...

ich liiebe deine skizzen *_* so schöne proportionen, und so geradlinige striche! und das mädchen in farbe sieht auch toll aus!